Pineapple Gifts, Accessories and Decor for Pineapple Lovers

pineapple bracelet

Pineapple Charm

A beautiful pineapple charm for the pineapple lover lady. It’s made from sterling silver and will be a perfect gift idea if she already has a bracelet. If not, you can buy a bracelet separately and gift her along with the cham.


Pineapple Keychain

A keychain always can be a nice complementary gift idea. This one as expected is made of stainless steel and features three charms:

  • A metal disk with the quote: “Always stand tall, stay sweet, and proudly wear your crown.”
  • A metal square with the text: “Be a pineapple”
  • And the most important part, a cute pineapple!

This keychain comes in a velvet box, ready to be gifted!


Canvas Art

This 3 part canvas painting can make your room, kitchen or office even more charming. The canvas is laid on a wooden board and covered by a water resistance film to protect the painting while cleaning with a damp cloth. Each piece comes with a mounted hook and is ready to be hung.


Floor Mat

This cute pineapple mat can be used almost everywhere, like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, porch door and so on. It’s relatively thinner than the other models out there, so the door won’t get stuck on it while opening or closing. The floor mat is machine-washable so you won’t need to worry about stains and dirt.

Table Lamp

They may not have seen a pineapple lamp in their life yet! Having this traditional style pineapple lamp on their nightstand would make them to fall asleep better! The body is made of wood and carved in a pineapple shape, coated with a bronze color. The pleated shade has an ivory color and makes a fabulous light while the lamp is on. Overall, this lamp has a medium size and for sure will make the giftee happy.


Oven Mitts

A pair of mitts that are specially made for the lady of the house who is obsessed with pineapples! Its fully made of cotton and quilted with silver acrylic cloth. No need to mention that these heavy-duty mitts are heat-resistant and durable enough for her to enjoy cooking for a long period of time.

pineapple stained glass lamp

Pineapple Stained Glass Lamp

Bring joy to your room with this cute and adorable tiffany pineapple lamp. It consists of 144 stained glasses pieces and 108 gems and features a metal base and crown. turn the lamp on and enjoy the beauty of its amazing colors.

pineapple neon lamp

Pineapple Neon Lamp

This shiny pineapple LED lamp can be used both as decoration and children’s night lamp. No matter where and when you are going to use the lamp; behind the balcony window, on the nightdesk, tablecup or office desk, for Christmas, Halloween, wedding party, it will add liven to your room atmosphere. All you need to do is to use a USB cable and plug in the lamp.

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