• How to Choose Earrings for Your Face Shape

    When you put on earrings, do you ever think about whether it will slim your face, lengthen or widen it? If you recall, just last week, I wrote a post about WWD’s article from 1928 that mentioned tips on jewelry’s effect on different face shapes. While I gave you 3 tips for necklaces, I only …

  • Smart Shopping Tips

    Women like nothing more than to indulge in a spot of retail therapy. There is something about buying a new pair of sparkly shoes or a gorgeous handbag that eases everyday life’s stress. We use shopping as a stress reliever, as a social activity, and even as a hobby, but what happens when our money …

  • Gifts for Swimmers

    Swimming and Non-Swimming Gifts for Swimmers

    Swim Safety Buoy Show your love and care to the special swimmer with this swim safety bubble. It makes swimmers clearly prominent in the open waters so the fishing boats and jet skies can easily detect and avoid them. The bubble can also help a coach or lifeguard to easily track the swimmer for logging …

  • Owl gifts for women

    Unique Owl Gifts Ideas for Her

    Owl Themed Cell Phone Purse This super cute owl-themed purse will surely surprise any woman and girl you’re going to buy a gift for and make lots of compliments. The purse has enough room to accommodate any large-screen smartphone along with credit cards, lipsticks, or chopsticks. It’s made of synthetic leather, and the lining is …

  • Rainbow Baby Gift Ideas

    After every storm there is rainbow of hope. That’s when the story of a rainbow baby begins. Rainbow Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket Who doesn’t like to have a photo album of their baby demonstrating it’s growth stages within different periods of time. So use it as a photography prop and capture amazing moments of your …

  • Best Retirement Gifts For Men To Start A New Chapter In Their Life

    Retirement Keychain This fancy keychain could be considered both as a stand-alone gift idea or as a complementary item to your current gift package. This stainless steel keychain includes a heart-shaped part with “Enjoy retirement” and a rounded rectangular with “No one can ever fill your shoes” message engraved on it. This is a small …

  • anniversary

    Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

    Personalized Wooden Watch This partially wooden watch for men is one of those anniversary gifts that can’t be found everywhere. However the watch comes in a black theme by default, you can still ask for a bright wood color if you want. Finally to make it a truly personalized gift, order it along with a …

  • 10 House-warming Gift Ideas For Men

    Custom Water Color Home Portrait As I said before, an ideal gift idea is a customized one. A watercolor painting of his new home with its latitude and longitude along with your own house-warming wishes printed under it. It would be the smartest gift housewarming gift for men. Hand-maid wooden ducks A pair of duckies …

  • star wars gift ideas for men

    12 Unique Star Wars Gifts For Him

    In 1977 an epic space opera movie was released and quickly became one of the most popular franchise movies in the world. George Lucas – the writer and director of Star Wars – continued the series with two more episodes in the 1980s and then revived it again with a new prequel series at the …